About Us

Professional and Expert Packaging Contractor

Here at DGE hand packaging Ltd, we are dedicated to you and all your different business needs.

We offer professional contract packing and assembly for our customers and a fast, reliable service on time and within budget. DGE provides clients with reliable contract packaging services and products.

Whether it’s retail packaging or leaflet folding, every order receives the attention to detail that separates DGE from the rest.

We are experienced in all aspects of hand packing including medium volumes of production and smaller production runs for new product trials.

Whether using a complex packaging schedule or simple instructions we are able to pack your components to your complete satisfaction.

DGE hand packing will do all pretty much any work you would like us to do.

We specialise in finishing the jobs that machines cannot complete and doing it cost effectively.

Our Core Values

Service Excellence, Teamwork, and Innovation

Flexible Schedule

If time is money at DGE we understand how important time is. We take great pride in finding to various problems.

Price Advantage

With DGE you are guaranteed a fair and competitive price.

Quality control

Controlling the quality of our service is our number one priority for all of our customers.

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